M. 34

I’m currently studying for the theory and then the practice for the license and I hate it… But since I’m unemployed for like half a year now maybe it will give me more chances to get hired. Still I will avoid driving as much as possible, being on a highway scares me and I’m afraid of having an accident. Plus I wear glasses and I’m not sure if my reflexes or peripheral view are good enough…

So, what’s your reason to not drive a car… money? For the environment? Are you afraid? You really don’t need to?

  • Onno (VK6FLAB)
    161 month ago

    I had no access to or use of a car until I was around 23. Up to that point I lived in a country where you could cycle for most of your daily routine, take the bus a couple of times a month and the train sporadically.

    I moved to a country where cycling was for the poor and foolhardy, me for several years, and public transport was atrocious.

    Public transport has marginally improved, my bicycle hasn’t been used for 20+ years and our household has one car.

    Learning to drive is a process. It takes time. Just like learning to fly a plane takes time. If you have a need to drive, learning how is step one. In my country even when you pass your test, you are required to keep a logbook for at least two years and drive in a variety of conditions before you can actually upgrade your probationary licence.

    • PrivateNoob
      21 month ago

      Wow which country did you go from and to where?

      It seems like a downgrade, but there must have been an economical / life quality reason that you had moved.

      • Onno (VK6FLAB)
        31 month ago

        I was born in Australia, moved to the Netherlands as a child and as an an adult moved back to Australia where I am now.