I’m struggling to figure out how to make friends without having Instagram or any other social media. I have discord but don’t use it much. I see all my acquaintances in discord channels and sharing Instagram posts and stuff. It’s already hard for me to make friends, but I feel like not having any of the traditional social media means I’m not included in any of that stuff.

Do you just accept that Instagram and shit are the way people interact and use it?

  • Onno (VK6FLAB)
    221 month ago

    You need to make an effort to put yourself in places where you can meet people. Often this takes the form of finding a community with a common interest. This could be a hobby, a lecture, a course, book club, gardening, etc.

    Other places where you meet people can be a workplace, a volunteering effort, social gatherings like listening to a band, orchestra or a play.

    You can go to the local coffee shop and spend time there watching people. If you do this regularly, you’re likely to meet people whom you can talk to and interact with.

    If you already know people, acquaintances, then organise or participate in activities with them.

    Social media is an add-on to life, not life itself.

    The way to make friends is essentially finding ways to interact with other humans, preferably in places where you like to enjoy yourself.